There are different ways to clean

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There are different ways to clean

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There are different ways to clean

the cane depending on the quality of the stains and dirt on them, can be divided as follows: Daily cleaning or initial cleaning Daily cleaning of the cup includes the removal of dust and food crumbs and debris of things that may be attached between the folds of cloth and sewing areas in the cupp, All lingering dirt on the crib and on the backrests, in all directions especially attached between the seat and the back of the chair or on its side.

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Using a special brush rubbed the surface of the cane, to remove any fur or hair stuck especially from pets such as: cats and dogs. Care should be taken to remove all traces of fur and hair by brushing in a regular manner and towards cloth lines. If the cupboard contains metal, wood or any other type of non-cloth material, it should be cleaned with a suitable material. For example, wood is cleaned and polished using a wood polisher, or a versatile material can be purchased and used to polish the non-fabriced part of the cabinet. It is called an initial cleaning because we need it before starting the deep cleaning process, that is, we do these steps and then start with deep cleaning steps.

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Cleaning the sticking spots We use the soft ground cleaning brush to be dry and clean the spot, but keep in mind that the strength is not harmful to the cloth. Determine the type of fabric manufactured from wood, through the manufacturer's lable on the canp which shows which type of detergent can be used. The printed lettering on the illustration w is made using a water-based cleaning powder, with a vacuum cleaner. WS using either a water-based cleaning powder with a steam cleaner, or with dry cleaners. S using dry powder only not non. O cloth factory of organic material, it must be cleaned with cold water only. X only with a vacuum cleaner or brush.

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Any chemical used for the first time should be tested on a hidden part, in order to determine the suitability of the type of cloth so as not to change the color. Put a quantity of cleaning fluid on a clean cloth and put it on the hidden area that has been selected for the experiment of the cane, keep the cleaner on the cane for ten minutes, and monitor the change in the color of the cloth, and if this change evidence of the inappropriate cleaning fluid for the type of cloth do not complete the use Clean up and try something else.

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If the cane is good, put a suitable amount on a clean cloth, wipe the stains by pressing and not rubbing until the spots completely disappear. We use a towel then wet with water to remove the traces of powder from the cane, and leave the sofa to dry. Deep cleaning The above steps should be repeated before starting deep cleaning to ensure the best results. The type of fabric must be taken into consideration for the best cleaning method, as described in the table above, and we will explain the different cleaning methods. Cleaning with water-based cleaning powder Steam We prepare the steam extractor and place the liquid detergent mixture with the water in it according to the instructions shown on the cleaning fluid tray. We enter the liquid into the canap through the steam machine, move slowly to make sure that the powder is distributed on the whole cup and wash it with shampoo. Leave the mixture on the cane for minutes.

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We pull the excess amount of shampoo by vacuuming it with a vacuum cleaner and putting it back inside the machine. Repeat steps if needed. We leave the cane to dry out. Dry Cleaning It should be noted that there is no such thing as dry cleaning; there is a cleaning fluid that does not contain water installed. It has been agreed to be called dry cleaning. The cup should be placed in a well-ventilated place. The dry cleaning fluid has a very strong smell.

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